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Is estate planning too expensive?

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The year 2020 made everyone think about their own mortality, which made estate planning a hot topic last year. And, as this year has started off much like last year has ended, estate planning is still a hot topic. However, many worry about the expense.

Who needs an estate plan?

In a word, everyone. Remember, estate plans include living wills (advance directive), powers of attorney, traditional wills, etc. It is not just about property division; it is about how one wants to be treated when they cannot make their own medical decision and even what one wants to happen to their body once they pass. This is why everyone needs an estate plan.

However, even though it is so important and has been such a hot topic last year and this year, less than a third of us have even drafted one such document, according to a survey by Caring.com and YouGov at least. Unfortunately, cost may be a factor in this.


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