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Estate planning is for everyone. If you are alive, you need an estate plan. There is much more to estate planning than deciding what will eventually happen to your property when you are gone, although that is an important goal for many people. The practice of estate planning encompasses a lot of documents you will need while you are still alive, like powers of attorney for healthcare or property.

No matter what your estate planning goals are, DLAW, PC can create a customized estate plan that suits your personal needs. We do this by helping you build a multifaceted estate plan that addresses your property, your healthcare, and your loved ones' well-being.

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You do not need to have a large estate for creating a will or trust to be worth it - those with modest estates can save their loved ones money in the future through careful planning.

A simple will-based plan can work well for those with smaller estates, and it can offer benefits to those with minor children. In Illinois, wills are used to name a guardian for your minor children in the event of death, and they can also be used to create a testamentary trust for them. The fear of probate may turn people away from relying on a will to pass on their estate property, but there are ways that the probate process can be simplified for smaller estates.

In some cases, trusts may be the better tool for testamentary planning. Many different types of trusts exist to meet different needs. Revocable living trusts are one of the more common types, as they allow the grantor to go back and make alterations if circumstances change later. People often choose trusts over wills to avoid probate entirely.

The experienced team at DLAW, PC will work with you to determine whether a will or a trust with a will makes sense for you. The way we structure your plan will depend on your goals and personal situation.

Incapacity Planning

The other side of estate planning involves creating a plan for how you will be cared for should you become incapacitated later in life. It may be difficult to think about, but it is wise to be prepared for this possibility. Incapacity planning includes both health care and financial planning.

You can use documents like powers of attorney to appoint someone you trust to make medical decisions for you or manage your finances. Powers of attorney can be written so that they take effect right away and stay in effect when you become incapacitated, or so that they have no effect until you are incapacitated. Frequently, a living will is incorporated into the planning to provide further direction to your family if you do not want life sustaining treatment in the event of an irreversible end of life condition.

Incapacity planning also makes things easier for your loved ones should the time come for them to take over managing your affairs. With a plan in place, your wishes will be clear to them. The need for a court guardianship is usually avoided with powers of attorney in place.

Our lawyers will make sure that you are confident in your incapacity plan. We will address both financial and health care planning to make sure you are fully prepared for any future needs.

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DLAW, PC strives to create thorough and legally strong estate plans for each client. Whether you are planning for a complex estate or a relatively simple one, our lawyers can help. Contact us at 331-222-7978 to arrange a free consultation. We serve DuPage, Kendall, and Kane County clients in Aurora, St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, Elgin, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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