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4 Grounds for Eviction in Kane County

 Posted on January 13, 2022 in Estate Planning / Probate

Geneva landlord eviction attorneyYou probably do not want to have to evict a tenant. The eviction process is rarely quick or simple. Generally, formal eviction proceedings are a last resort when a problem tenant refuses to leave on their own. As a landlord, you may face situations where you have little choice but to evict a tenant who is refusing to pay, destroying your property, or engaging in criminal activity. When these situations arise, it can be tremendously helpful to have an attorney who is experienced with eviction proceedings representing you. Renters have a lot of legal protections in Illinois, but there are still valid reasons for evicting a tenant that the courts will typically honor.

What Are Some Legal Reasons for Evicting a Tenant?

The most common reason people get evicted is for nonpayment. However, there are good legal reasons to evict even a tenant who is up to date on rent. Grounds for eviction in Illinois include:

  • Damages - Destructive tenants can create extremely costly damages very quickly. Whether they are intentionally causing damages, such as by punching holes in the wall, or passively allowing damages, such as by failing to clean up after a pet, a tenant can be evicted for damaging the rental property.
  • Illegal use - If your tenant is using your property for an illegal purpose, you can most likely have them evicted. Common illegal uses of rental housing include prostitution and selling or manufacturing drugs.
  • Nuisance - For those who own multi-family buildings, situations may arise where one tenant is a nuisance to the others. Repeated noise violations, harassment, or intimidating behavior by one renter can create an environment that is unsafe or otherwise difficult for others to live in. The disruptive tenant may need to be evicted.
  • Nonpayment - You may not want to evict a tenant who is struggling financially and unable to pay rent, but at a certain point, it may become necessary. If your tenant is merely irresponsible or refusing to pay for a nonsense reason, evicting them may come as a relief.

There are also reasons for which you explicitly cannot evict someone. For example, you cannot evict a tenant for making a valid complaint about the property or based on their familial status or membership in a protected class. Victims of domestic violence may have additional protections in some cases, even if nonpayment or noise complaints were a problem. It is best to speak with a qualified attorney before attempting to evict a tenant.

Speak With a Kane County Evictions Attorney

If you need to evict a tenant, DLAW, PC can guide you through the process. Our Geneva landlord evictions lawyer is experienced at securing evictions based on a variety of legal grounds. Call our law office at 331-222-7978 so we can arrange a free consultation.




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