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What Is Probate?


When someone passes away, his or her estate must be administered. This means that the terms of the will and estate plan are carried out. If there are good estate planning documents in place, this process can often be done with little to no court oversight. Probate, on the other hand, can be a lengthy and complicated legal process, overseen by the court, that validates a will and then administers the estate.

In many cases, avoiding probate is a major goal of estate planning. When probate is necessary, however, you should seek the help of an experienced attorney. When you hire me, Deanna L. Aguinaga-Walker of DLAW, PC, I’ll personally oversee your case, ensuring that the probate process is accurate, thorough and efficient.

Estate Administration Services

If you have been named as the executor or administrator of a loved one’s estate, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is a lot of responsibility, especially during a time of grief.

Instead of going through the process alone, you can count on me to help guide you through this challenging time. I work closely with administrators and executors, making sure that everything is handled correctly and within prescribed timelines. I can also help you prevent or resolve disputes with family members over inheritance and other issues.

No matter how much or how little help you require, DLAW, PC, is here for you.

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